Tuesday, October 16, 2012

In Denver, When Are Election Ads Too Much of a Good Thing?

 I'm a 45-year old housewife, and I've always been one of the first to say that elections are important.
But sometimes it seems the political ads have taken over the airwaves in Colorado. As one of the swing states that Mitt Romney and President Obama hope to carry in November, Colorado is seeing both candidates, as well as various special-interest groups, flood the airwaves with their versions of reality.
Just when you think you are getting back to the show you have been watching (even the news), there always seems to be another advertisement.

In fact, the political advertising has overtaken the amount of other ads (except on PBS and similar stations) by more than 2-to-1, by my count. I understand there is a need to put your message before the voters, but I feel it can be taken to excess -- especially with the wave of negative ads that have been produced for the current election.

Even though I personally have made up my mind as to whom I will be voting for, the amount of ads could be confusing to someone who still is undecided. There is sometimes too much of a "good thing" after all.

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